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Abramson Consulting

Julie Abramson, MSW, Ph.D. is a seasoned management consultant, social work professor and executive coach. She listens carefully in order to define problems accurately and tailors solutions that take unique organizational and individual dynamics into account. Her background in group work provides the foundation for successful facilitation and team building skills. She combines extensive “on the ground” experience with a strong academic background and conceptual foundation. Dr. Abramson is skilled at organizational assessment, managing complex system change, resolving conflict, executive coaching and creating positive organizational and work group cultures. She is a quick study and brings energy, creativity and a capacity to evoke the strengths of individuals and organizations. 



Consultation Services

Improving Organizations:
Assessing organizational dynamics and functioning
Designing interventions that resolve problems
Guiding culture shifts and organizational transitions
Creating healthy work cultures
Creating effective collaborative strategies
Strategic Planning
Creating a customer/client service culture

Enhancing Organizational Leadership:
Executive coaching
Developing Board skills
Improving Board/CEO collaboration

Facilitating Process:
Facilitating meetings and retreats
Building teamwork skills
Developing collaborative problem solving
Resolving conflict & dealing with interpersonal dynamics
Designing & conducting focus groups


Updated 4/12/2010